Breeding group2005-09-10, BIS 2

Chevy Caprice,Fabulous Female, Dodge Coronet, Extra Edition.

Thank´s too all .

Dady at movie set in Vargon

Dady as a moviemaker

Lovley puppy in profile

Fiddler´s lovley nose.

Fiddler sleeping after lunch.


Some phothos from our Breeders group 2005-05-14

Chevy Tahoe,First Option,Dodge Coronet,Chevy Cheyenne.

A young group there we all needs too train a little bit.


Best shorthair group even if we are some young dogs.

Linda after showing dogs.

 Thank you for all help. You are a wonderful handler and daughter.

Some Photos from G-litter Christmas 2005

My first bone.

I am not alone anymore.


A pause in the snow Dec 05 (Goody)

Tree puppies  Dec 05

Snowrace Dec 05

 Gorias walking ........

Goldie in the snowstorm

Gorgon The Grubber.

Playmates in the snow.

Iba Bugs and Afrodite in the bottom playing in the snow.

Bonanza and Grubber on the road.

Shorthair group Vanersborgs Nationell dog show.


Bernhardlundens Armstrong.

Bernhardlundens Expect The Best

Bernhardlundens First Option

Bernhardlundens Faboulus Female.


Longhair group 2006-07-02 Boras National Dog Show

Bernhardlundens Eyecatching

Bernhardlundens Afrodite

Bernhardlundens Fiddler on the Roof

Bernhardlundens Belair

Fidde and Eyecatching waiting for their class at dogshow.

Two very frendly males.

Molly and her 7 puppies 3 weeks old.

Paus in the dinner